NW, an experienced shamanic practitioner and formerly a supervisor at the Sacred Trust, has agreed to lead a series of experiential workshops on British shamanism. We venture to think that shamanic journeying is among the more accessible forms of contemporary British pagan ritual. At the same time, it is probably the most nearly analogous to “naturalistic” psychotherapy. For project participants whose background is more on the academic and clinical side, we hope this will offer an experiential dimension to our ongoing discussions about mental wellbeing in a world of many spirits. For those already well versed in pagan ritual, we hope this will provide an opportunity for critical reflection about what is happening in their psyches and in their environment during rituals, and how this can affect wellbeing (for better or worse).

The following resources and posts are associated with this event series:

  1. NW presentation notes
  2. Ronald Hutton’s summary of the historical genesis of “core shamanism”
  3. Polly Wood’s and Susan Haase-Derrett’s reflections of the first meeting from their perspective as psychotherapists


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